Web Server Services

Systems Administration

We provide all levels of systems administration for your server. Hardware and Software installation and configuration, custom scripting (Shell, Perl, SQL, etc.) to automate system tasks

  • RAID setup
  • System Backup configuration and verification.
  • High availability setup server fail-over and backup server synchronization.
  • Firewall and load balancing configuration .
  • Private Network and VPN routing and configuration.
  • Email server setup and configuration.
  • Security scans from simple to complex evaluation of server vulnerabilities.
  • Web server setup and configuration

Server Recovery and Migrating To A New Host

Restoring your web sites to new server from your backups or failing hard drive.

  • Restore backup to new server or drive from backups
    • CPanel, Plesk, Webmin, and other backup systems.
  • Recover data and fix user login on hacked server.
  • Recover web site from failing hard drive.
  • Find and remove hackers from server and block future access.

Server Monitoring

We provide several levels of monitoring from simple ping to active server, drive space, load average and service monitoring. Automated notifications of issues sent to you either by email or SMS messaging.

  • Basic Ping
  • Web site and System availability.
  • Server load and disk space monitoring.
  • System backup verification.


Support for the installation and configuration of MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MS Access.

  • Database Server installation and setup
  • Database Replication to other servers.
  • Database export for backups or transfer to another server.
  • Custom SQL scripting for those problem queries.
  • Database query speed evaluation and recommendations.

Data Conversion

Our technicians regularly perform data conversions for migrating data between different applications or databases. We can quickly import your MS Excel Spreadsheets and text files into MySQL or MS SQL Server.

  • MS Excel to MySQL
  • CSV to MySQL
  • MS SQL Server to MySQL
  • MS Access to MySQL